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Large Waterproof Sheet

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  • Waterproof Bed Protection for Cats & Dogs
  • Versatile
  • Generous Sizing
  • Human & Pet Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

Sick of pet mess, dirt and fur on your bed or sofa? Our cotton sheets (with a waterproof inside layer) help keep your bedding free of pet fur, little accidents and doggy smells. Our pet sheets are even large enough to cover most of a double bed, the back seat of your car or even your couch!

Many of our customers have them on their bed at night, then fold up and pop away in the morning.   



Do you enjoy sharing your bed or couch with your cat or dog, but not the mess they leave behind? Our waterproof flat sheets are the answer for pet lovers everywhere!

Made with a 100% cotton jersey front and back, with a waterproof laminated polyurethane inner, it’s cosy to sit upon and brilliant at keeping furniture clean.

Waterproof Bed Protectors for Cats & Dogs

Measuring a large 260cm by 200cm, our waterproof sheets have been especially designed to protect large items of furniture. Simply drape the soft sheet over the top of your bed, sofa, carpet or car seat. It is fantastic at capturing that annoying cat fur or dog hair and stopping muddy paws in their tracks! When your pet sheet is not in use, simply fold it up and pop it away till next time.

While not suitable for incontinent pets, (they are waterproof, not absorbent) it will capture those little accidents or messes which occasionally occur. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing your belongings stay clean and fur free! Best of all, it saves you from needing to wash your bedding more often than necessary or having to vacuum the couch every day!

Why You Should Use Waterproof Sheets on Your Furniture

Cats and dogs are social animals. They enjoy spending time with their owners and that often means on their owner’s furniture too.

Unfortunately, they bring mud, dust, fleas, flea dirt, fur, urine, faeces and even ‘presents’ they have caught with them. While some furniture fabric is easy to clean, most of it isn’t and requires the hiring of an expensive professional cleaner.

Using a waterproof sheet for your bed, sofa, arm chair, mat or car seat saves you both time and money. You avoid the need to pay a professional cleaner to remove pet stains from your furniture and save time by not needing to do so much washing!

Start keeping your bed and couch pet fur free! Order two protector sheets today – one for use and one as a spare. They’re a fabulous investment for every pet lover.


Size:  260 cm x 200 cm (102 " x 78") 

Top & Backing: 100% cotton jersey
Inner: laminated polyurethane

Care instructions:
Cold or warm machine wash, line dry or warm tumble. Do not iron or dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners. Please wash separately before use. If used with an electric blanket please make sure your blanket is on a low setting.

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Waterproof sheet

Fabulous product, I am very happy with the sheet and really impressed with company service, follow up and website . I will definitely be a return customer , 5 star business.