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Toilet Training Tablets

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  • Helps to Speed up the Potty Training Process
  • Sound & Smell effects to keep your Child Engaged

Our new toilet training tablets are designed specifically to help your child with toilet training while making the process more enjoyable. With just 3 easy steps, they speed up the potty training process, motivating your child to use a potty without a diaper. Our toilet training tablets are blue, yellow and green, including a sound and smell effect when dissolved which keeps your child engaged during the process.

Easy to use with just 3 simple steps:

1. Open the bottle and place one or more tablets into the potty.

2. Wait until the child uses the potty.

3. The tablet begins to change colour and fizz.

Not only is our toilet training tabs easy to use and fun for kids, but they also work to clean out the potty with the tablet's unique properties. Made mostly from natural materials, they are completely soluble, flushable and harmless. Our toilet training tablets have been designed to keep the child interested and surprise them every time they use the potty.