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Here’s to No More Peeing on the Floor!

  • 2 minute read

Are your boys peeing on the floor? Perhaps they’re hitting the toilet seat as well? Isn’t it incredibly frustrating! I mean, just how hard can it be to actually get the pee into the toilet bowl? Too hard apparently, until now. Today is the day your socks stay dry and there’s no more stinky bathroom floor…

little boy at a puddle

Say No to Peeing on the Floor

Pee on the floor is what we all dread. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s also pee on the seat, pee on the floor and pee pretty much all over the bathroom. It’s not like your sons and husband are having to aim for a tiny little hole to put their pee in. So, how can you get them to improve their aim?

  • Sit down – little boys can’t stand and pee at the same time. Have them sit on the toilet seat to wee.
  • Does he follow instructions? If not, introduce the pee standing up trick when he is older and keep him sitting down to avoid peeing on the floor.
  • Check his motor skills – if your son struggles with walking or hasn’t yet developed a pincer grip, keep him sitting down for a while longer before peeing standing up.
  • Hold it yourself – hold his willy and show how he needs to aim it towards the toilet bowl.
  • Use a ping pong ball – encourage him to hit it with his wee. 5 points if he does!
  • Draw pictures with an indelible marker  - draw a picture in your toilet bowl for your son to aim at and use one of our rewards charts
  • Make bubbles – how many bubbles does your pee make when landing in the toilet water?
  • Play against the big boys/Dad – who has the better aim? Requires a happy to participate Dad. 

What Else Can You Do to Stop Boys Peeing on the Floor?

Well, sometimes it just comes down to patience and time. Reminding them to wipe their willy when they’ve finished peeing helps stop those little drips. You can also teach them how to clean their mess up! We’d love for you to come and join our free Potty Training Facebook group. There are plenty of parents ready to help share their experiences and advice with you, so come and join! Also come and check out our big range of potty training tips for expert advice!