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We’d love to support your organisation with a very special price, making it easy for you to raise money. See below for what products we have available for you to fundraise with!

Dryer Balls

Good balls worth a yarn

* Made from NZ wool, an all-natural product

* Using dryer balls in your dryer reduces drying time by 30-50%

* Saves on electricity - great for the environment + your wallet

Veggie Bags

Reggie the Veggie Bag

* Made from 100% Cotton

* Heavy duty to hold weighty apples and potatoes

* Reusable & sustainable compared to single use plastic bags

* Multi-Purpose to use for a variety of different occasions

* Make great gifts


Peggy the Pegman
* Durable in the outside conditions & they don’t grow mould 

* More environmentally friendly compared to plastic pegs

* They last, saving you money

* They don’t grow 

* Make great gifts