Social Responsibility at Brolly Sheets.

Our company is led by founder Diane Hurford, who started by creating products for her own family. Diane is family focused and brings this into any new products she creates, whether they were for her children or people she meets along the way. 

Since 2006 Diane has been forming strong relationships with our suppliers. We are proud that the majority of our products come from one small factory in the Chinese countryside, that pays their team by the hour for the time they work, not by the piece. This reinforces our fabulous quality as they are not rushed, and means our Chinese team have the time to chat and laugh with each other. A small country factory also allows the women working there to go home to their families each night. A basic right not afforded to many other factory workers that are set up in big factories, in large cities, whose workers go home twice a year during the longer public holidays. 

We have developed an Ethical Code of Conduct that covers key issues of slave labour, child labour, safety and diversity. Please check out our Supplier Code of Conduct here.