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Three Unbeatable Tips for Daytime Potty Training

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Having trouble potty training your toddler? Tried every trick in the book? Still contending with wet nights and accidents? Never fear, Brolly Sheets is here!

We want to make people’s lives easier, whether that’s helping parents potty training their toddlers, or providing discrete incontinence solutions to people with disabilities. And thanks to our many years in the industry, we have ample experience with training toddlers.

So, we thought we’d bring our knowledge to you! This guide will help you get through the daytime potty-training phase with your toddler. Read on to discover some common struggles with the process, as well as access to our amazing resource on daytime training!

Common Struggles with Daytime Potty Training

When your toddler reaches around two to two-and-a-half years old, the time for potty training has finally come. However, if it were just as easy as saying it, the world would have fewer frustrated parents in it!

If you’re struggling to help your toddler learn to go in the potty, you’re certainly not alone. Many parents struggle with this stage of their toddler’s development. Some problems you could be encountering include:

  • Your child doesn’t realise they need to go potty. This is very normal! Learning bladder control usually comes a few months after complete bowel control.
  • Your child resists the potty. This is also very normal, and potentially a sign that it might be too early to start potty training.
  • Your child has a pee or poop right after being lifted off the potty. It can take a little while for toddlers to learn how to relax the right muscles at the right time. This is an issue that will disappear with training and time!
  • Your child is going back to diapers. Stress in your toddler’s life—such as a new person in the house, a move, or even a new pet—can encourage them to go back to their diaper phase. This is not a sign of poor parenting, but simply a fact of life.

If you find yourself churning through mattress protector after mattress protector, the above issues are probably familiar. Luckily, you can find the help and support you need for the journey in our potty-training guide!

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How Our Potty-Training Guide Can Help

As the creator of this guide, here’s what our founder (and former frustrated parent) Diane Harford has to say about daytime potty training:

“Here at Brolly Sheets, we are constantly talking to parents about day and night-time potty training. This guide will talk you through the process of daytime training and also includes idea and strategies to help if you hit a roadblock.

Every child is different, but if now is the right time to start training your little one, we are here to help.”


Download the 3 "Unbeatable Tips for Daytime Potty Training” guide


Our “3 Unbeatable Tips for Daytime Potty Training” guide takes you through the three core things you need to know. In each tip, we discuss tried-and-true strategies refined by experienced parents we’ve spoken to, as well as using knowledge from our very own founder. In the guide, we tackle:


  • Tip One: Knowing if It’s the Right Time to Try
  • Tip Two: Preparing for Potty Training
  • Tip Three: The Steps to Succeed with Your Toddler

We talk about some common issues parents face (like the ones above) and how to tackle them, placing as little stress as possible on both you and your toddler. Some topics we address in the guide include how to reward success, going out with a toddler who is potty training, the right time to start, and how to make the process fun!

If you need more help with night-time potty training as well, we also have a night-time guide that can help. Find both guides on our brand-new Resources page.

Finally, remember that there is no one right way to potty train. We’ll be giving you some guidelines to help, but in the end, the only right way is your way. After all, who knows your toddler better than you?

Download your potty-training guide, get comfortable, discreet bedwetting solutions for your little one

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