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Day Time Training Buying Guide

  • 4 minute read

 If you are prepared for accidents, (and they will happen) then it’s a little less stressful, a little less hassle and a lot less laundry. Whether you go for a potty or straight to the toilet, it’s totally a personal decision, just take the plunge, gear up and get started.


Free potty training buying guide
Some people keep them in the bathroom, others have several dotted around the house. A  Brolly Sheet bed pad can be handy to keep underneath in case of spills. There is a huge range from a simple potty for a few dollars to those with IPad holders and the ability to play music. You can even get them now that after training is finished, they can be composted in your garden. As long as your child can sit comfortably, they all do the same thing so decide on what style is best for you and your budget.



Potty training buying guide - stools
If using the toilet, a stool helps your child get up and sit comfortably plus it gives them something to push against when doing a poo. Again, many styles on the market from a simple step to the ladder like product that fits around your toilet.


Toilet Seat Insert 

Toilet seat insert for toilet training

If you do decide to use the toilet rather than the potty, many toddlers have a real fear of “falling in”. A seat insert will help with this by making them feel more secure.


Reward Charts

Free reward chart for potty training
Whether its stickers or jelly beans, rewards work. We have some free to  download here  As to the reward - that is up to you.  You know your child best and what their "currency" is.  Sometimes star stickers are enough, other times 5 stickers could earn a small prize.   Just keep it simple, consistent and in small steps.  Toddlers do not tend to have the attention span for a reward that will take months to earn.  


Training Pants

Cotton waterproof training pants
Designed to be just like cotton undies but with a waterproof layer and a small amount of absorbency. They are an easy transition between nappies and undies that will help you keep your sanity. Whilst not meant to keep your child completely dry like nappies; instead they give you a bit of time to get to the bathroom when accidents do happen while letting your toddler feel the damp.
They allow your toddler feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes and protects your floors and furniture from big clean ups. Good quality training pants will be 100% cotton and so feel comfy and will be easy to pull up and down.



Undies - you need a lot for potty training
Lots of undies. Go shopping with your child and get them to choose the colour or pattern. Talk to them about "big kid" undies and what it means to not wear a nappy.  Explain there may be accidents - it is no big deal. 


Waterproof Car Seat Protector

Waterproof Kids Car Seat Protector
A car seat protector gives you piece of mind when winging your way down the motorway or heading to the supermarket. They are also handy after swimming or eating ice cream. Check with your car seat manufacturer about the use of seat protectors. 


Wet Bags 

Waterproof washable wet bags
Take a couple out with you with clean clothes and you are covered if you need to carry wet one’s home. Much better than in your handbag! 


Wet Wipes

Wet wipes  - helpful when potty training
A packet of wet wipes can be handy to pop in your bag when you are out and about with your toilet training child.   They are a help to clean up your child after an accident or to wipe down a public toilet seat.


Hand Sanitiser 

Hand sanitiser for potty training
Great for wiping down toilet seats and hands. Pop a purse size one in your handbag.



Potty training books to read to your kids
Brolly Sheets has many potty training books Books are an easy way to talk to your child and help them understand about potty training. Books on potty training