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Baby Swaddles: What Can They Be Used For?

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It’s baby celebration time, and we’re going to kick things off by focusing on multipurpose baby swaddles. The ultimate gift, baby swaddles are the essential baby item no parent should ever be without.
But what exactly are these magical swaddles, and what can they be used for?We tell all.

100% cotton baby swaddle - what are they used for?

What Are Baby Swaddles?

Also known as muslin wraps or baby squares, baby swaddles are the ultimate mutli purpose baby accessory. Made of 100% soft, absorbent, breathable cotton, each Brolly Sheets swaddle measures 120 cm x 120 cm. They come in a cute range of patterns.
They have so many uses, the question should be, what can’t they do? But that would make this article far too long. Instead, here are just some of the things they can do:
During Feeding:
• Put one over your shoulder when burping to catch what comes out!
• Use as a breastfeeding cover-up
• Fold one up and use in your bra to catch milk leaks
• Hand express into your muslin square before baby latches on to relieve overfull breasts
• Use as a bib

When Changing:

• Use it as a distraction for baby to play with
• A pee catcher for little boys
• A changing mat liner

During Bathing:

• A bath towel
• Little reusable wipes when cut into squares Baby Bed:
• A spill catcher under baby’s head
• A light blanket or swaddle for a newborn

You can also use them:

• As a sunshade for a car seat or buggy
• Holding frozen breast milk cubes when teething
• A skirt (possibly not!) But they’re not just for babies: I’m still using mine at home and my babies are all grown up! I’m absolutely certain you will too.
Check out our swaddles here:

cotton swaddles


PS - they are great for covering food when having a barbie