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Baby Week: Bedwetting & Bassinets

  • 3 minute read

Our precious babies spend a lot of time resting in their bassinets, so we’ve got to keep everything in working order! Without the ability to fight off germs as well as their parents, it’s our job to make sure that everything stays clean so baby can stay happy and healthy. In celebration of Baby Week, we’re covering our top tips for dealing with bedwetting and bassinets to help make sure your baby can sleep comfortably through the night.


Bassinet Sheets

Bedwetting is a part of your baby’s natural routine, but it does need to be dealt with to keep your baby healthy and comfortable  Bassinet sheets are an easy way to give yourself that extra confidence that the mattress below isn’t breeding bacteria, mould, or dust mites, all of which could impact your baby’s health. These sheets are mattress protectors that absorb liquid to ensure that any mess is soaked up, with a waterproof backing keeping the mattress below protected from any accidents that may occur throughout the evening. Absorbent and easy to wash, they make dealing with messes in the early hours as simple as a switch of the sheets.

When dealing with your dirty sheets, make sure you’re not using any bleach or fabric softeners containing chemicals. These laundry products can cause chemical residue to transfer from the sheets to bubba – causing nasty rashes, irritation, and an unhappy baby! Avoid products containing Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzalkonium Chloride, and Sodium Hypochlorite. The names are scary enough, so imagine what they do to the skin of a newborn. Purchasing natural products that are designed for sensitive skins will help Baby sleep comfortably through the night – just make sure you read the labels.

Bassinet sheet mattress protectors are a game-changer, making nighttime a lot easier for both you and Baby.


Cot Pads

Bed pads are fantastic for toddlers struggling with bedwetting, but what about for newborns? Our little bundles of joy can be a big wriggly mess at night, but  Cot Pads are a fantastic way to make sure everything stays dry. Stocking up on a few cot pads is essential for messy newborns, as they provide some extra protection to the bottom sheet, and come with handy wings that tuck neatly below the mattress to keep it in place. Brolly Sheets has a range of Cot Pads with funky designs so that you can spend less time loading up the washing machine while baby sleeps comfy and dry.


Plan Ahead for Accidents 

The most effective thing you can do to make bedtime easier for yourself and your baby is to plan a system to make sure you’re always prepared to handle bedwetting. If you have a rotation of sheets ready to go, you’ll be able to save time and get back to sleep quicker. Cot pad goes in the wash, clean one goes on the bed, and the protective sheets below will catch any other leaks and spills that pop up!


Celebrate Baby Week with Brolly Sheets 

Our babies mean the world to us, so we should make their world comfy! Brolly Sheets has a wide range of  Cot Pads, nappies and  bedwetting sheets in NZ to help you take care of your baby so that you can spend more time bonding. All of our products are made with high-quality, soft, and safe materials that’ll help your baby stay happy and healthy, all night long. If you want to learn more about our lovely team and what we do,  contact us today!