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How Dryer Balls Can Solve Your Winter Washing Woes

  • 2 minute read

I’m going to be honest: I love dryer balls! They are complete time and money savers in my home and I’ve been using them for years. The dark and depressing days of damp washing and overflowing laundry baskets are long gone and today I’ll tell you why…

Dryer Balls

What Are Dryer Balls?

Washing in winter is so darn depressing. Hung out in the morning, you can’t rely upon it being dry by the afternoon when returning home from work. So, you decide to leave it until the weekend to do instead. This leaves great big stinking piles of dirty washing around your house, and not enough clean socks to go around!

Then you spend the entire weekend running in and out to the clothesline with each suggestion of rain in the sky. Sometimes it would rain the entire weekend, and you’d still end up with wet washing inside because the clothes dryer wasn’t working fast enough! Just who needs more damp air and condensation around their home? Not me!

There just had to be a better way to handle washing in winter… and there was. The introduction of dryer balls was a huge lifesaver to my family (and my sanity).

Brolly Sheets dryer balls are made of New Zealand wool which has traveled to Kathmandu and hand-felted by Nepalese craftspeople. Once made, each ball then returns to us here at Brolly Sheet HQ and is packaged into groups of four, to be sold on our website.

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How Do Dryer Balls Work?

We’ve found that when using dryer balls, they reduce the drying time needed when using a clothes dryer by between 30-50%. They work in two main ways:

  • Tumbling around inside the dryer, which separates wet washing making it easier to dry.
  • Absorbing moisture from the wet washing.

Both of these ways reduce the amount of energy the dryer uses, saving you time and money. To use the dryer balls, just pop all four into your dryer with the washing. Then once your load is dry, just leave them inside the dryer with the door open till next time.

We’d love to help you say goodbye to wet and dirty washing piles at your home too! Order your Brolly Sheets dryer balls today!