About Our Sheets

We’re the first to admit it: we love our sheets! There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that your bedding stays dry, no matter what surprises life throws at you. But it wasn’t always that way.

When our child Mia grew older, she began sleeping in the bottom bunk. It was no surprise she had the odd bedtime accident, as that’s a part of growing up. The surprise was that when I changed Mia’s bedding, I was continually banging my head on the top bunk! If a nightly headache wasn’t enough to spur me into thinking there must be a better way, nothing would!

Our waterproof bedding range began with the development of Brolly Sheets on a small scale. We made them ourselves and started selling at local markets. It quickly became apparent that other parents wanted to end their bedwetting headaches too and we needed to outsource the manufacture of our new waterproof bedding. Everything in our family business grew – our product range, the locations our products were sold in and the number of awards we won.


Our Waterproof Bedding Is Loved by Kids & Parents

As a parent, you’ll understand that no amount of persuasion will encourage your child to use something if they don’t like it. Well, you don’t need to worry about that with our waterproof bedding! Brolly Sheets are loved by kids because they feel soft and comfy, they don’t make any embarrassing crinkly noises and they have super cute designs on the top fabric. Older kids love the independence of being able to change their own bedding without Mum or Dad’s help. Parents love them because there’s no more headaches about wet bedding and head banging is a distant nightmare!

Made to be peed on, our waterproof bedding is easy to wash, quick to dry and available in multiple sizes from cot to queen, there’s a Brolly Sheet for every bed!

Explore our Brolly Sheet Bed Pad range now. I love our products and I hope you do too.