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Is My Child Old Enough to Potty Train?

  • 3 minute read

Potty training is a big milestone in any child’s life and their parent’s lives, too. Girls commonly start showing interest around two years old or two and a half years, while boys tend to show interest in potty training a bit later. But there are always exceptions. When it comes to potty training like walking, talking, and sleeping soundly all night long there is no set time or age that it best for everyone and every child’s timing is different.

If you’re wondering whether your child is old enough and ready to start potty training, Brolly Sheets is here to help! Before you begin your potty-training journey, explore our useful tips and questions to consider below.

1. Is your child showing interest?

Is your child showing interest in using the potty or going to the toilet by themselves? While many children can’t wait to start wearing ‘big kid’ clothing, they typically start showing interest in potty training from anywhere between eighteen months to three years of age which is a big range!

2. Can they get to the potty on their own?

The urge to go the bathroom can often be sudden and unexpected. Therefore, it is important that your child can walk or run to the bathroom and get up onto the potty seat on their own before you start potty training.

3. Can they pull their own pants up and down?

Your child should be able to pull their pants down when they need to go and pull them back up again afterwards. Having the motor skills to do this, however, can take time for toddlers to acquire. Choosing loose clothing and items that are easy to put on and pull off again will help them get used to dressing themselves.

4. Can they follow simple instructions?

Are they showing an interest and willingness to cooperate with you on tasks such as pulling down their pants, sitting on the potty, waiting, pulling up their pants again, and washing and drying their hands? While this all comes as second nature to adults, it’s all new to children. A child being able to follow simple instructions is a very important indicator of toilet-readiness.

5. Are they staying dry?

Is your child staying dry for at least two hours at a time when wearing nappies? If so, this shows that their bladder control and capacity are improving.

6. Do they know when they go?

Do they pause and make signs when having a bowel movement? If your child is hiding behind furniture, concealing themselves behind a curtain, or going into another room to wee or poop in their nappy, that is a clear indicator that they are starting to recognise when they need to go.

7. Is it the right time for you and your child?

While spring and summer are the most popular seasons for potty training, what’s even more important than seasonal timing, is considering when is best for you and your child. Potty training can roughly take around three months to complete. So, when deciding to start, consider the following:

  • Is your child ready?
  • Are you ready?
  • Is it about to get busy at home? (e.g., Is a holiday or event coming up?)

Once you start training you don’t want to stop, so if possible, choose a time that is less busy to work around.

What if they are not ready yet?

If your child isn’t ready to start potty training, don’t fret. He or she is probably not there yet, and that is fine! By reading them children’s books or showing them videos about using the potty, you can encourage this interest and model healthy toileting habits for your child. However, keep in mind that there is no need to rush, children will begin to show interest in potty training in their own time.

Brolly Sheets’ bed pads and training pants are here to support you and your child throughout training. No matter your need, we are here for you. Whether you’re looking for quality waterproof sheets or resources on night-time training or day-time potty training, we are here to help. Explore our Help and Advice online for more on day-time and night-time training, parenting, etc., or contact us today for a chat