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Common Myths About Cloth Nappies

  • 3 minute read
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I have to be 100% cloth or 100% disposable

NOT TRUE! Here at Snazzi pants we know life is busy. We think if you have a newborn, use disposables for a few months until you have some regular sleep patterns and some energy back. Then do a mix of cloth and disposable. This way you can feel good about the environment and saving some money – but are also being realistic about how much time and energy you have. We think the ideal is to use cloth at home and disposables at night and if you are out and about for long periods. 

Cloth nappies give babies nappy rash

NOT TRUE! Nappy rash is caused by prolonged exposure to moisture combined with friction, bacteria and ammonia build up. The super absorbent gel in disposables facilitates less changing from parents, and 'pulls' natural moisture from baby's skin, encouraging irritation.

The water needed to clean cloth nappies makes them worse for the environment than disposables

NOT TRUE! The water used in the manufacture of disposables needs to be added into this equation. It takes an awful lot of water and chemicals to turn wood into paper pulp! The water used to wash a load of nappies is equivalent to the amount of water a toilet trained person uses flushing the toilet in one day.

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Cloth nappies are bulky and unattractive

NOT TRUE! Snazzi pants cloth nappies are the new generation of cloth nappies. Trim, modern and downright funky! Cloth nappies have come a very long way in the last few years.

Cloth nappies are complicated and time consuming

NOT TRUE! Snazzi pants nappies are Velcro closing – just like disposables. No pins needed here! Plus Snazzipants don't require complicated care. Today it's as quick and easy as popping a load into the washing machine and turning it on.

Dealing with cloth nappy messes is grosser than disposables

NOT TRUE! Did you know that even with disposables you are supposed to flush solids down the toilet. Human waste isn’t meant to go in landfills and in fact The World Health Organisation recommends emptying the contents out of disposables down the toilet like cloth. (It says so right on the packet.) Cloth nappy messes are generally flushed down the toilet and sent to a sewage treatment system. Disposable nappy messes are generally wrapped in two layers of plastic and sent to fester in a landfill for the next 500 years.

Plus - use a flushable nappy liner and it is even easier. Our soft, flushable  Snazzi pants liners make clean-up a breeze. These liners contain the solid waste; you simply discard the soiled liner in the toilet and flush away the mess!

I'll have to spend hours soaking and washing

NOT TRUE! Snazzi pants don't require complicated care. Today it's as quick and easy as popping a load into the washing machine and turning it on

Cloth nappies work out more expensive when you add detergent and electricity

NOT EVEN CLOSE! With cloth nappies you'll be looking at spending hundreds rather than the thousands you'll be literally throwing away on disposables. Even if you replace just three disposables a day with Snazzi pants (just when you are at home) and use disposables at night and when out and about, you will save over $500 a year. Plus that is over 1,000 less nappies in landfill every year.


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