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Top 5 Parenting Podcasts for the Brand-New Parent

  • 3 minute read

Parenting is a scary thing to take on; after all, you're raising a child from scratch! So, having some people to walk alongside you in the journey and provide guidance is invaluable (even if those people are digital). We list some top parenting podcasts for the new mothers and fathers, tackling everything from potty training to self-esteem. 

5. PediaCast

Pediacast with Dr Mike

PediaCast is an award-winning podcast with millions of downloads and frequent listeners. Dr Mike, the host, offers expert, evidence-based advice to both new and old parents regarding infant and child health. Whether it's a sore throat, infection, or what cream is best for their skin, PediaCast has got the answer. Dr Mike also frequently answers listeners questions and brings on pediatric and parenting experts to weigh in on different but ubiquitous topics. Jump into the conversation with PediaCast and explore the wealth of pediatric knowledge available!


4. First Class Fatherhood

Do you wonder how other fathers approach fatherhood and the challenges it brings? Alec Lace, a father of four, launched First Class Fatherhood to change the narrative of fatherhood and family attitudes. Alec regularly interviews famous fathers, including Matthew McConoughey, Tony Hawk, Tom Brady, and Deion Sanders. Alec also takes on the challenge of discussing fatherhood with America's heroes, such as "Black Hawk Down" pilot Mike Durant and Navy SEAL's servicemen.

First Class Fatherhood has become a top parenting podcast in America due to these meaningful discussions and tips within his episodes. Listen to  First Class Fatherhood to understand the impact of fathers and how to deal with the obstacles along the way.


3. The Mom Hour 

The Mom Hour Podcast

The Mom Hour is for all the mothers out there who face the shared challenges of raising children. Meagan Francis and Sarah Power co-host the podcast, both with children of their own. Between being witty, funny, and articulate about parenting, their near 300 episodes give detailed advice on the many challenges and discussions of motherhood and parenting. Whether it's  potty training, schooling, or how to organise your children's stuff,  The Mom Hour has an abundance of expert knowledge to give. 


2. Zen Parenting Radio

 Zen Parenting Radio

Loving parents Cathy and Todd Adams are raising three daughters while bringing practical, respectful, compassionate, and spiritual discussions through their parenting podcast. Not only does  Zen Parenting Radio remind us how parenting is part of spiritual growth but offers pure, self-aware advice on how to remain authentic and build emotional intelligence to strengthen our relationships. They truly make you understand there's more to parenting than just raising children and open your eyes to some of the more incredible things in life.


1. The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time


One of the most popular and awarded parenting podcasts out there, hosted by Hillary Frank, The Longest Shortest Time aims to bring transparency in stories about the realities of raising young ones. Episodes cover casual and controversial topics, peppered by interviews with world-famous mothers and fathers. The discussions are intriguing and intelligent, ranging from daily issues such as  bedwetting and tantrums, all the way to when to give your kid a smartphone and working mom discrimination.

You don't have to be a parent to listen to  The Longest Shortest Time, as it offers advice for all ages, and brings forth ideas which can help you solve issues later in life!

Looking for more parenting help? 

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