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Elimination Communication: How Bed Pads Can Help

  • 3 minute read

Elimination communication is a more natural way of dealing with potty training, and more and more parents are switching to this method of toilet training, opting to use nappies as more of a backup. Some parents may have heard of the method, but not really know much about it, and that’s why we’re here! In this blog post, we discuss elimination communication, what it is, how it works, and how kids bed pads can assist with training.

What is Elimination Communication?

This is a potty training method that teaches parents to understand the signals their little ones give when they are about to fill their nappy. Picking up on these signals gives parents time to act, getting your wee one to the toilet or potty before any accidents happen. This technique usually starts from only a few months old, and takes equal effort from you and them.

The process is praised globally for being a more economical and natural approach to potty training, especially when paired with environmentally friendly toilet training products. We all know how many times newborns can pee and poo throughout the day! If you’re paying attention, you’re bound to pick up on some signals eventually, it’s just about knowing what to look for.

Understanding The Communication

Understanding the communication signals is key. To start with, signs can vary, and it’s really about understanding your own baby, paying attention, and possibly encouraging certain signals.

That may sound a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually easy as can be! Signs can be anything from a squirmy, kicking baby, a fussy baby, or even facial expressions. It really includes anything they might do when they’re directly trying to communicate that they need to go, like moving to their potty or simply looking at you while making a pushing face. Some parents choose to encourage signals by making certain sounds while the pee or poo, some babies may start to pick up on the cues and eliminate on demand. As they get older, they can use the same sounds to signal to you that they’re about to fill the nappy, giving you enough time to sort out the situation.

What are the Benefits?

If you haven’t picked up on some of them so far, there are numerous benefits to elimination communication. The ultimate benefit is obviously giving parents enough time to act and prevent an accident, while also cementing basic communication into your baby’s learning mind. Avoiding accidents and using less disposable nappies can also save families hundreds of dollars, and help to keep our beautiful country clean.

Of course, there will be accidents along the way, but with some commitment, encouragement, and a lot of love, this method can prove extremely successful, becoming easier and easier as the days go by. Elimination communication is also a good chance to bond with your child, and you may find yourself gaining stronger intuition too!

Using Reusable Products to Assist

What better to pair with a natural approach to potty training than some eco-friendly reusable products? Cloth nappies offer an easy to use alternative to disposable nappies, giving you confidence that any accidents that pop up along the way will be caught, without wasting money on boxes of disposables.

Bed pads offer extra protection too, catching any wee accidents that happen during the night. When this happens, just switch it out with a clean one, wash the used one, and repeat! These handy pads can be used all over the home too, not just the bed, and they’ll make your life a whole lot easier, holding up to 2L of liquid to protect your bedding.


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