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The Top 10 Night-time Training Tips

  • 4 minute read

Night-time potty training is understandably difficult for many of us parents. While it’s very natural for children to go through the bedwetting stage, it can be exhausting when accidental leaks happen as your family sleeps!

We know the hustle and bustle of changing your little one’s underwear, jammies, and bedsheets with barely an eye open. And that’s why at Brolly Sheets, we want to ease you and your child’s of these nightly struggles with adequate knowledge and tools, which are available within your reach.

The uniqueness of night-time potty training

Unlike daytime potty training, it’s much more challenging to teach your child to go to the potty while they’re in deep slumber. But don’t fret - there are steps you can take to help your children succeed in staying dry throughout the night.

At Brolly Sheets, we provide a range of training products, which can assist you in your child’s journey to night-time dryness! Bid goodbye to days when you tirelessly try to remove stains and dampness from your mattresses. Our waterproof mattress protectors are game-changers in managing night-time wetness. You can now extend the life of your mattresses - plus the hours of sleep you get at night!

In addition, we know that parents also need to get some beauty rest during the night, but it can be an uncomfortable situation for your child to stay soaking wet as you’re unable to wake up. Good thing our bedwetting alarms can help. The alarm attached to your child’s pyjamas and will sound off when moisture triggers the sensor. This way, you can prevent your little ones from further wetness and possible irritation.

Preparation is key

The crucial thing to remember is that the readiness of kids for potty training at night will be different from daytime potty training. Your precious ones can stay completely dry during the day but be in a completely opposite state during the night.

So, when is the ideal time to start your precious one’s night-time training? While there’s no specific age to start, it’s better for parents to finish teaching their children to stay dry during the day before they start at night. If you need more help with daytime potty training, you can download our daytime training guide on our Resources page. 

With that said, night-time potty training is as much about the child’s preparedness as it is about your preparedness to train them. After all, you’ll need to carve out time for this endeavour. Remember, every child is different. Each child has his or her own pace when trying to succeed in their night-time training. Some children may get it at their first few tries while others, may take more time. All you need to know is the right techniques to use and couple those with tons of patience so you can successfully guide your child to potty independence.

Our night time training guide can help!

Screenshot of the top of the night-time toilet training tips guide

If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! We’ve created an easy-to-use guide that will cover tried-and-tested tips to manage bedwetting at night.

Our “Top 10 Night-Time Training Tips” guide will discuss cues on when your child is ready to begin their night-time training. Our guide will also cover ten strategies that you can apply and follow when you’re about to start training with them, listed below:

  1. Reminding your kids to potty before bedtime
  2. Use of nightlights
  3. Preparing the bed and your child
  4. Setting routines
  5. Limiting drinks
  6. Dropping night-time bottles
  7. Leaving bathroom lights on
  8. Setting realistic expectations
  9. Using easy-to-remove jammies
  10. Rewarding positive behaviour

 Through our night-time training guide, you’ll learn the basics of control and setting routines. You’ll also discover easy tips and tricks that can significantly make night-time training much more manageable. At the end of it, you’ll learn that you can make the night-time training process as painless as possible by following the right steps and having the right mindset!

Download the guide here!


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