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What is the Brolly Sheets Potty Training Academy?

  • 3 minute read

Since 2006 I have spoken to thousands of parents about potty training. I have presented at seminars, talked on the phone, Facebook and on the street to parents who are struggling, or just want to chat about their potty training journey.  

Here at Brolly Sheets, we think we are The Toilet Training Experts. We have put all this knowledge together into 2 email courses, one for day time and one for night time potty training. 

What’s included?

  • Once you sign up, you will get your first email, then we will send you an email every morning with how to prepare, tips and ideas. This will run for seven days.
  • We have a closed Facebook Group that you can ask questions and see what other parents are talking about with their potty training journey.
  • Exclusive promo codes to save on anything you may need. Giving you the motivation to get started.

We know it will take you longer than seven days to have a dry child, but we wanted to help you get started on the road to nappy freedom. Give you some ideas on signs your child may be ready, what you need to prepare, and just some help along the way. 

This program used to be called The Brolly Sheets Potty Training Boot Camp which I launched in 2015. I started putting together all my ideas and thoughts into one place for people to access. The plan was 4 times a year I would launch a new camp and take people on the journey a nappy-free child.  

Over the years it has changed its look quite a few times, plus I have updated and added to the content. The feedback in the early days was that parents didn’t want to wait until a set date to get the information, they wanted it when it suited them to start. 

So then I moved it to be able to start the day you signed up and then a daily email for 7 days, which is how it still works now. 


We have taken this time at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, to update our content and look, changed the name to Potty Training Academy Day and Potty Training Academy Night have added more content. Plus we have made it a product download easily accessible from our website. 

We want our academy courses to provide fabulous value, so on day 8, you will get an email asking for any feedback. You may have a story about what you did to make it easier, or how you found a solution. It may be that you think we need more information on a particular topic. We want our academy courses to be relevant and useful – so we will be updating and welcome your stories and feedback. 

So come and join us on the path to nappy freedom!

You can find more information and sign up for our Night Training academy here

You can find more information and sign up for our Day Training academy here