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6 Steps to Your New Potty Training Schedule

  • 2 minute read

Three powerful words: potty training schedule. These words give parents starting the potty training process hope. They know (or are about to find out) that potty training is hard work, and we completely agree. Having a plan or schedule in place of what’s happening and when makes everything so much easier.

We’ll explain what a potty training schedule contains, plus give you some step by step instructions to help you set one up.

What is a Potty Training Schedule? 

A potty training schedule is like a plan. It’s your road map towards achieving success and having your toddler fully toilet trained. It includes things such as:

  • knowledge of toileting signs of readiness
  • potty training supply list
  • ideas about how to introduce the concept of toilet training
  • words you will use for toilet-related tasks
  • list of the daily tasks and the times they will be done
  • any other helpful resources which resonate with you

6 Step Potty Training Schedule 

You’ve got your knowledge, so it’s time to start your plan:

  1. Be confident with the signs of toilet training readiness. This includes signs such as pulling up and down own underwear, being curious about the toilet, staying dry after a nap and being able to follow short instructions.
  2. Get all of your daytime training resources. This means such things as a toilet training toilet seat, potty, rewards, potty training books, timer and training pants.
  3. Create a time schedule of when you will take your child to the toilet. A timer can be great at taking the stress off you for this. Let the timer be the baddie and tell your child when it’s time to sit on the potty!
  4. Teach your child all of the toilet-related words you’ve identified earlier.
  5. Introduce all of the toileting tools to your toddler . Have you tried our Toilet training activity kit?
  6. Collate all useful toilet training resources, starting with our blog!

It’s never easy to potty train a child. We’ve been where you are and would love to help if things get challenging, so feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.