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Tips on Moving Your Child to a Big Kid Bed

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Take a read of our tips...

If you’re moving your child to a big bed, we’re here to help. Take a read of our tips on how to make this a smooth transition for everyone in the family.
There is no set time for moving your child to a big bed, but a good indicator about when to do so is when they start climbing out of their cot.  Another common time to make the move to a big boy or big girl bed is when a new baby is on the way. Be sure to do this well ahead of the arrival, so your child doesn’t see it as if you are giving their bed away.


Cot to Bed Tips and Advice - Brolly Sheets

To make moving your child to a big bed go smoothly, we’ve put together some tips to help you out:
  1. Safety first – a cot keeps your child contained, but a bed doesn’t. Check that there isn’t anything they can trip over during the night, as well as keeping electrical items and cords out of reach.
  2. Practice before bedtime – introduce the big bed during the day, and don’t leave it to the night! This helps your child get used to the idea. You could even let them help you unpack it or put it together.
  3. Stick to your routine – keep the same bedtime routine going. Realistically, nothing has changed except the bed itself.
  4. Promote the big bed feeling – balance the line between pushing the new bed as something they get for growing up, and your praise becoming overkill. Moving your child to a big bed is part of life, but there’s nothing wrong with making them feel special for doing so.
  5. Keep things the same – use the same PJs, teddy, nightlight and stories to make the transition easier. Don’t forget the Brolly Sheet too!
  6. Expect wake-ups, they can take a while for your child to get used to sleeping in their new big bed. It’s time to whip out all of the resettling techniques you’ve used with them in the past.

What if Moving Your Child to a Big Bed Doesn’t Go Smoothly? 

For some children, the move is a non-event. For others, they’re out of bed and playing as soon as the light is switched off.

Here are a few ideas to help solve some common problems:


Your child keeps turning on the light

  • take the light bulb out

  • Use a night light

Feeling scared in the big bed

  • a bed rail can help.

  • take the sides off the cot and use it as a transition bed

Double check your routine

  • Keep mooring rising times the same

  • Use your routine of bath, teeth story and lights out at bedtime

Getting in and out of bed

  • keep putting your child back into bed

  • use a child gate to keep them in their room

  • stay in the room until they are asleep

Wanting to play

  • take out all the toys and books from the bedroom

  • try listening to an audiobook

  • use white noise or sleeping music

  • increase daytime activity levels

Getting up too early

  • use a time teaching clock, which shows a sun for daytime and a moon for the stay in bedtime


  • bring out the sticker chart for staying in bed, and check out our downloaded  Potty training charts

  • introduce the sleep fairy who gives rewards to kids who stay in bed all night!

Persistence is the key to success when it comes to moving your child to a big bed. Keep at it and soon you’ll forget bedtime was ever a problem (maybe).