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Pet-proofing your home and car with Brolly Sheets

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We love our pets for good reason. They bring us so much joy and fun that it is little wonder our pets play such an important role in our lives.

Given this, we naturally want to spend as much time as possible with our dog or our cat, and welcome them into our lives to the fullest extent.

Though this bring benefits like plenty of walks, cosying up, and being able to stroke soft fur as and when you want, there are also challenges.

One definite challenge is ensuring that the smells, grit, hair and dribble our pets inevitably bring with them doesn’t impact or ruin surfaces in our homes or our car’s interior.

You might think of your pet as being generally well-behaved. And you might well be right in the main! But there is still the likelihood of your dog or cat leaving mess of some sort on occasion.

If this all sounds familiar, you need a solution to help protect the surfaces of your home or car and give you that extra peace of mind.

At Brolly Sheets, we have an excellent range of waterproof and absorbent pet products available to buy. Below we talk you through how you and your furry friends can get the best out of our pet range.


Pet Bed Pads

Pets, much like us humans, need a comfortable place in which to lay down and rest at the end of a busy day.

Pet beds are the best option here and give your pet a clear space that can be their own little bedroom. However, this space can become somewhat messy and mucky if you are not careful, and that can have an effect on the rest of your home.

This problem can be even worse if your pet has an incontinence issue, which is more common the older your pet gets.

A great option here is a  pet bed pad. This type of pet incontinence pad can be put within your pet’s bed for occasional accidents or more common problems. Easy to wash and clean, these items prevent odours lingering and staining from occurring. They also play a vital role in keeping furniture and bedding free of fur, dust and dirt.


Pet Car Seats

There are plenty of people who can think of nothing better than jumping in the car with their dog, driving out to somewhere in the countryside and exploring the landscape. But the smell of wet dog lingering in your car long after the day is done is not something you want.

The upholstery of our cars is particularly susceptible to capturing and keeping certain scents. If you are regularly transporting a dog in the car, then the aromas can be particularly pungent. An item like a  pet car seat can make a real difference and stop your car becoming a bit worse for wear in terms of the smells it contains.

Dog car seats can be great for protecting surfaces within your car. These items can be cleaned with ease, and help stop your pet causing excess issues while on the move.

Brolly Sheets’ pet seat covers can also be used on couches and sofas, so be sure to take a look and see if this item matches your requirements.


Pet Place Mats

It seems many of our pets love mealtimes even more than we do. But this eagerness to wolf down some tasty treats can sometimes cause a bit of a mess.

A  pet place mat is a great option for under or beside dog food or cat food bowls. This puts an additional layer between your pet and the floor, keeping the latter protected and limiting the need for constant cleaning.


Pet Waterproof Sheets

If you are the kind of pet owner who doesn’t mind their pet being on or in their bed, or on the sofa, then a good product to buy is a  pet waterproof sheet.

These items are used by many of our customers to cover bed surfaces during the night and stop pet mess, dirt and fur becoming a real issue. These sheets can also be used on sofas to stop unwanted dribbly mess seeping into the upholstery. They are an alternative option as dog car seat covers as well.

Buy pet-proofing products for home and car at Brolly Sheets

We hope this guide to our  pet products has been useful. If you or somebody you know could benefit from these items, you can buy from our online store today.

Brolly Sheets has a host of products that waterproof the whole family, with  bedwetting products for kids to  incontinence items for adults, as well as the family pet.

Don’t forget to read through our  buying guides and  help and advice sections. And take a look through our  shipping and delivery options too.

And if you have any questions, simply  get in touch with the Brolly Sheets team. We will be happy to help!