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How to Manage Incontinence In Dogs & Cats

  • 2 minute read

Incontinence in dogs and cats is more widespread than pet owners realise. The unintended loss of bladder and/or bowel movements of a pet can be worrying for everyone. It’s also distressing for owners who need to clean up what’s left behind on the floor, bed or sofa.

A symptom of a range of conditions, identifying and treating the cause is your first step. A visit to the vet for a physical exam is often required, where blood and urine tests are often taken and analysed. Often incontinence in dogs or cats is temporary, caused by an infection, hormonal imbalance, stress or even medications. Other times it is permanent and related to injury, old age, disease or illness related or physical abnormalities.

Once a diagnosis has been made, correcting or managing the incontinence becomes of utmost importance. That’s where we can help.

Products to Manage Incontinence in Dogs & Cats

Due to the nature of pet incontinence, they (and you) are unlikely to know when an accident is about to happen. What we do know though, is that there are some things you can do to protect your household surfaces and belongings.


1. Waterproof Sheets for Pets



Keep your furniture and bedding clean and odour free by covering it with a  waterproof sheet specially made for pets. Measuring 260 by 200cm, it is large enough to protect your large pieces of furniture, carpet or even car seat. They are great to place over areas where your pet spends a lot of their time and easy to wash and dry, they are absolutely brilliant for incontinence in dogs and cats.


2. Pet Pads


Waterproof and measuring one by one metre, a  Pet Pad can be placed under a litter tray for those last-minute accidents, on a chair or onto your dog’s bed.


3. Dog Bed Covers


Having a spare machine  washable dog bed cover for the dog’s bed is well worth it. With three layers (fake suede or cotton canvas, a padded inner and a waterproof liner) to keep your pet’s bed inner warm, dry and smell free, it helps keep your pet cosy and your home smell free. You could fill it with a pet bed inner, or simply old blankets or towels instead.


4. Chair Pad


One for cats and small dogs is the  Chair Pad. Double-sided, warm and waterproof, a  Chair Pad will help protect your furniture from messy accidents.


Here at Brolly Sheets, as well as providing comfortable, waterproof and washable bedding for your kids, we also think of your pets too. If you need any assistance selecting products to manage incontinence in dogs or cats, feel free to  contact us directly.