3 Unbeatable Tips for Potty Training

This guide will set you on the path to potty training success!

Have you been asking questions like.....

  • When is my child ready?
  • What should I do first?
  • How can I make this engaging?

If so, this guide is created for you by Brolly Sheets founder Diane Hurford.

Discover Diane’s best tips and tricks for making your journey towards nappy freedom a success! 

  • Recognising Readiness (know the signs to look out for)
  • Steps to Success. Tips on getting started - how to engage your toddler.
  • Equip and Prepare. What you need along the journey - plus a few common misconceptions to watch out for.


Meet the Author

Diane Hurford

I am a mother of two (now young adults). I designed a Brolly Sheet bed pad with wings in 2006 when I needed a fast and easy solution to changing a wet bed in the night.

Since then, I have talked to thousands of parents all over the world to help their children get on the road to nappy freedom. I have written many of these tricks of the trade, and I wish to share them with you in this guide.