Update Tuesday 28th April, 9.30 am.

New Zealand has officially moved down to Alert Level 3, meaning that we can now sell all of our products online. We will still maintain the Government guidelines to ensure we are keeping our staff, and our customers safe. For detail on this, read below. 

We are very glad to be able to offer you our full range of products, but we do ask that you allow for slower delivery, as the couriers will be dealing with an unprecedented amount of demand. We will keep you as up to date as we can. 

As always if you would like any help or advice, or indeed have any advice for us, we are always delighted to chat.

Email us now: info@BrollySheets.com

Call: 09 271 2142

Facebook: @BrollySheets

Thanks for all your support during this time,

Take care, look after yourselves and loved ones



Update Wednesday 22nd April, 1.30 pm

The NZ government recently announced that we will be going into lock down level three late on Monday 27th April. With the influx of businesses opening up we expect delays with our delivery provider, NZ post. Please expect there may be slight delays in receiving your package. We will keep you updated with the information we are provided. Thank you


Update Thursday 9th April, 1.00 pm.

We have just been informed by the Government that some additional products are also classified as essential, we will now be moving these from pre order, to immediate dispatch. These products include:

  •  Day & Night Training Pants
  • Undie Liners
  • Bassinet Mattress Protector
  • Cot Fitted Mattress Protector
  • Peejamas
  • Alarms

Update Friday 3rd April,  7.30 pm.

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 4, meaning all non-essential businesses must close.

Brolly Sheets is providing an essential service our community to seniors and those with disabilities.   We know we provide products that maintain people’s health and dignity.  Many of our customers cannot easily get out of their homes, or feel some embarrassment at asking others to shop on their behalf.  We have products that help with incontinence, excessive saliva, and tube feeding to name a few. 

Most people know us for our toilet training range, but don’t know that for over 10 years we have been designing products for those with additional needs.  That’s why our Brolly Sheets absorb 2 litres of liquid – much more than a child would ever wee.   Alongside our absorbent bandanas and bibs, adult waterproof underwear and adult diapers.

Late last year we launched a sister brand:  www.IndependentlyYou.co.nz.  This is still a relatively new brand and so many of our disability / senior customers still order through our Brolly Sheets site – hence we have (and have always had) products on both sites.  In fact we have always had people ordering for their kids and their parents at the same time.   I think they are part of the “sandwich” generation. 

Preorders – if you ordered before Friday 3rd April on pre-order, we will not ship any of your order until we are out of Stage 4.  If you need any of your order for a senior or additional needs family member, please email us at info@BrollySheets.com and we will ship out the “essential” items on that order and hold the rest until we are out of Stage 4. 

For orders from Friday 3rd, we cannot tell who is disability and who is not, so we will be treating all orders the same and shipping out the essential products.  We know that many of our community have both young children and seniors or those with disabilities in their bubble.   We will be dispatching these from Monday 6th April.

We have a small number of SKUS compared to many businesses, so just one person (hubby Glenn), can send out orders, keeping the rest of our team safely in their own bubbles.  The health and wellbeing of our team is a priority for us.

We are following Government guidelines in 3 key areas, and adding our own additional practices to keep you safe:

  1. Eliminating physical interactions between staff, suppliers and customers

Staff isolation: Our team are all working from home and there is no physical contact outside our bubbles.


  1. Ensuring appropriate health, hygiene and safety measures are in place

Storing Stock: Stock is held in one place that is only accessed by Glenn to pick and pack your orders. Hands are washed before entry into our ‘sanitised zone’, sanitised again on entry, and regularly during packing and gloves are worn. All times and all necessary surfaces and equipment are sprayed and wiped with disinfectant at least twice a day, or as required.

Packing orders: Glenn will be the only person picking and packing your order.  There is no interaction with other team members except with me – Diane. 

Contactless Collection: Orders ready to dispatch are left in a covered area for courier collection. When the courier is onsite, Glenn keeps his distance, meaning no physical contact.

Contactless delivery: New Zealand Post is operating a contactless delivery service. All packages will be left somewhere safe with no signature required. If they are unable to leave your order somewhere safe they will leave a card to explain how to rearrange delivery.


  1. Restrict activity to only what is essential during the Alert Level 4 period.

We are still sticking to only the essential services that we supply and in our case, that is our range of disability products sold through www.IndependetlyYou.co.nz and www.BrollySheets.co.nz.   If you order some essential and some not essential products, we will send your non-essential orders as back orders once we are fully open and out of Stage 4.  

Some additional advice on collecting parcels at your end

We believe we have taken every step we can to maximise hygiene and minimise contact with your parcels. However, we would still advise a safe parcel delivery process at your home, for all your deliveries at the moment.

Avoid all courier contact. This is to keep them and you safe. Please do not attempt to collect parcels directly from your couriers. Let them leave them for you and leave the premises. If you do encounter a courier, keep 2m apart at all times.

Sanitise or quarantine parcel deliveries if you can:
Covid-19 can last for up to 3 days on hard surfaces, like plastic, and 24 hours on cardboard. If you can, we would recommend minimal handling of all mail and/or parcels in the first 3 days of delivery (1 day may be acceptable for cardboard). Ideally set them aside in a ‘quarantine’ area during this time, and regardless, wash your hands after handling these parcels, especially in the first 3 days.

As always if you would like any help or advice, or indeed have any advice for us, we are always delighted to chat.

Email us now: info@BrollySheets.com

Call: 09 271 2142

Facebook: @BrollySheets

Thanks for all your support during this time,

Take care, look after yourselves and loved ones



Update Friday 3rd April, 12.30 pm


Our online store is open and shipping orders for essential products

We have just received word from the government that some our products fall into the essential products category. These are the products that service the disability market. If you are shopping for the disability market, we encourage you to place your order on our IndependentlyYou.co.nz site. As our Independently You is not as well known, we have opened our Brolly Sheets site to ensure everyone who needs our essential products, can receive them.

This means we are opening our distribution centre while still complying with the isolation requirements to protect our team. If you are ordering a combination of essential and non-essential products, the essential will be sent out with the back order to follow.

Please expect to receive an email advising when your product has been dispatched. Please keep in mind there will likely be shipping delays due to the deliveries happening less frequently. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


What if I want to cancel or change my order?

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty around these times. But in order to get your orders out as quickly as possible we must ask for no changes to orders. We ask you to please be understanding that our team are all working from different locations, and any changes to orders are not simple for us, especially with only one person working in our warehouse to create and send out orders. Once again, we truly appreciate your understanding.

Take care, look after yourselves and loved ones