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Tiny Foragers

 Tell us your names, and a bit about your tribes

My name is Amy Nixon (I'm on the right in the photo above). Mum of Indie (5 years) and Zach (3 years). And on my left is Ashka Warwick, mum of Jaxon (3 years) and Isla (1 year).

Tiny Foragers

 What is your business? 

Our business is called Tiny Foragers. It is a range of yummy frozen meals and snacks for little ones aged 6 months plus.

 Tiny Foragers

 Why and when did you start your business? 

We opened our online store in May 2018, but the development work started long before that. We both had small children and babies at the time, so wanted to create a range of kids food that was tasty, convenient and an easy option for busy parents. We were initially going to make baby puree ourselves, but we were put off the idea when we spent nearly 24 hours straight peeling and dicing apples. We realised that we needed the help of a commercial kitchen, so that is what we did.

Tiny Foragers

What is the best business and / or parenting tip you have been given?

A good business tip that I was given was, if you want to build up a successful business then just focus on the customer and how you can help them. Don’t lose sleep worrying about the competition and what is going on around you. As mum’s we don’t get much sleep as it is!

Tiny Foragers

How do you stay sane while dealing with the stresses of business and family?

Take one hour each day for yourself to do something that doesn’t involve kids or work. It might be taking the dog for a walk (without wrangling bikes, helmets, snacks, water bottles) or simply indulging in glass (or bottle) of wine.

Tiny Foragers

Tell us something funny that has happened in the last few months

Well, for the last month or so we have all been in COVID-19 lockdown which in turn has provided its own chaotic moments. It was hilarious when my daughter Indie opened up her very own beauty parlour, using her baby brother as her first makeup client. You could only imagine how good he looked with a little bit of blusher and lipstick.

Special offer! 

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Tiny Foragers