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5 Steps to a Dry Night

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Do you have a child desperate to be dry at night? 

Are you ready to stop spending hundreds of dollars on diapers? 

This E-Book will help you get your child on the road to diaper freedom.   With over 50 pages of advice from what age to start and how to start plus plenty of tips and practical ideas for when you hit a roadblock.      

Mother of two and toilet training expert Diane Hurford has helped thousands of parents navigate the journey towards their child’s toileting independence. From potty training to night time wetting, Diane’s advice is what parents from all over the world have sought and implemented to help them move their kids from wearing nappies to using the toilet or potty independently.

Customer Reviews

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Nicola Marett
Valuable Resource

This is a fabulous resource with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your little one dry through the night. I read it from cover to cover and also talked through some of the tips with my 7 year old. He’s been night time training for 2 weeks now and we’ve only had a couple of wet beds. Highly recommend along with a couple of Brolly Sheets. Good luck 😊