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Pillow Protector Cotton

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  • 100% Waterproof
  • Keeps your pillow fresh and dampness free
  • Protects against allergens, dust mites & stains

You won’t notice these soft and comfy cotton pillow protectors on your pillows, but you will notice that your pillows no longer go brown and stained. Easy to zip on and off and easy to wash, yet great protection against sweat and dribble. We have them on every pillow in our house, including the spare ones for visitors.

72 cm x 50 cm 

  • Extends the life of your pillow
  • Keeps your pillow fresh and dampness free
  • Guards against stains and dust mites
  • Machine washable and line or tumble dry
  • Zip closure
  • Available in white only

100% cotton jersey backed by polyurethane
Zip closure

Care instructions:
Please wash separately before use. Cold or warm machine wash, line dry or warm tumble. Do not iron or dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners.

Make sure the pillow protector is 100% dry before putting it on your pillow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Feels Like A Normal Pillowcase

I reserve my last star because I feel that these pillowcases are not wide enough. I've had to squash my (normal sized) pillows in to get them to fit, which makes them feel a bit hard when everything is zipped up. But I love the fabric, ease of washing etc.

Awesome protectors

I love these pillow protectors! I have them on every pillow in the house, and even take them away when we travel. they also wash up well.

jo boylan
I just love this product

The thing I love about this pillow protector is that it doesn't feel like a pillow protector to sleep on and it actually is waterproof, I just love this product

These pillow protectors are excellent

Great product! I found that when my child wet the bed it would soak up into the pillow so I was constantly washing pillows. This protector is soft and comfy and much easier to wash and dry than the whole pillow!

Less problems

The pillow protector is s great idea as my son always has a wet pillow if he has an accident in bed. His poor pillows get out of shape from all the washing they endure. The pillow protector stops the need to wash that pillow now! And my son in having less problems with dust mites as the mattress and pillow protector prevents irritation from mites. He is certainly waking up with a clear nose and eyes.

Sarah Smith
No more dribble stains

In the past no matter how many cases id put on the pillows they would still turn yellow with my hubbies dribble & boy would they smell. This will solve this issue. Nice fabric.