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Snazzipants All in One Cloth Nappy

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  • Reusable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Super Comfortable
  • Easy to use & clean
  • No pins or folds
  • Funky Designs
  • Saves you money
  • Designed in NZ

Snazzipants All In Ones

“No pins, no folding, no inserting, no soaking"

  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • No pins, no folds
  • Trendy fun look
  • Saves money
  • Eco Friendly

Our Snazzipants ‘All In Ones’ are the absolute perfect reusable cloth nappy! Cloth is back and better than ever! This nappy was specifically designed by a mum who really understands the importance of comfort & convenience! They are easy to use, no pinning, folding, stuffing, tucking or need for added waterproof covers! Made with a comfortable stay-dry suede cloth inner, a microfibre core liner and a waterproof outer material that is lovely, soft and quiet.

Snazzipants are super-comfy, unbelievably easy to use, a breeze to wash, simply throw in the machine and line or tumble-dry. One size fits most with a handy snap & velcro system that is fully adjustable. These nappies are both soft and comfortable and come in a fabulous range of patterns & colours.

“It’s as easy as SNAZZIPANTS!”


  1. Easy to take on and off
  2. No pins, folding or stuffing
  3. Great for day time
  4. One size fits most
  5. May take longer to dry

You may also choose to add a flushable liner, which can be used on any of our nappies to make those extra pooey ones a breeze to wash.


Because all the absorption layers are inside – allow longer to dry.

  • Fold back hook & loop system onto laundry tabs.
  • Wash 3 times before use to aid absorbency.
  • Shake solids into toilet.
  • Warm or cold machine wash (up to 40 degrees).
  • Set water to a higher level. Rinsing with lots of water will help to avoid build-up of detergent and bacteria.
  • Avoid bleach, brighteners & fabric softeners.
  • Use very little regular detergent or zero-residue detergent. Using natural or oil-based soaps or too much detergent may leave a residue that can retain odours or cause leaks.
  • Do not soak. Store in a dry bucket or a Snazzipants Nappy Pail (hang bag).
  • Line dry or tumble on a low / medium heat.

The use of a flushable liner is suggested.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
So easy

Love these! Fold down to a great size for our newborn and are super easy to use. Find they dry fast enough to use in a high rotation - and in fact dry quicker than some of my pocket nappies.

Only cloth nappies my husband will use

So easy and they dry better than the bamboo liners that I have. Absolutely adore Snazzipants

Easy, so easy.

Easy pre wash then away you go, and being an all one so easy to use! I love the patterns and always get comments on them and the price do affordable.

Gnappy - recommend

I've had three children and despite great intentions I've never managed to get on board the reusable nappy train. I was always too daunted by the whole idea. However, I was on the website buying some more brolly sheets and saw these. Given that i trust the brand (I've used the brolly sheets for years) and loved the design i decided to order a few and see how i got on. Oh my gosh, it's so easy! I wish i had done it sooner. The designs are cool, they fit really well, and are easy to wash. And you get to save the planet a little as well. I ordered both the all in one and the separate liner ones but prefer the all in ones - less messing about. I got 10 in total which seems to be about right. I recommend!

Dad proof nappy

We love the snazzipants All in One Cloth nappies. We nickname them the dad proof nappy; You just pull it out and put it on just like a disposable. Super quick

Very pleased

Very pleased, so quick and easy to use with no inserts to deal with. Love them :)