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Snazzipants Wet Bag

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Colour | Blue Circle
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to Wash, Dry & Hang
  • Versatile: Change Time, Potty Training, Swimming, Travel
  • Designed in NZ

Our Snazzipants wet bags are the practical solution for whatever you used to carry in single-use plastic bags.  Send them to daycare to bring home clothing that has been painted on, been in water play or that has had a wee accident.  

 When you are out and about, have one tucked into your handbag for wee accidents, dirty bibs at the cafe, wet togs, the list is huge.   The Brolly Sheets team also use them whilst travelling for shoes and socks & undies. 


Size: 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16in)


Check out our large size wet bag here.

This bag is designed to hold damp items, the seams and zip are not sealed.

They come with an elastic loop and a handy strap which makes it easy to hang on prams and school bags!

We asked our customers what they used their wet bags for – see what they said:
  • Dirty nappies (cloth & disposable)
  • Dirty bibs after you have been to that lovely cafe for lunch
  • Potty training - undies that have been “caught out”
  • Dirty wipes
  • Travel laundry (keep your undies separate from your shoes) or for separating dirty laundry from clean
  • Kids travel bag – when you are out and about, just pop in a car or two, some raisins, a notebook and a pencil.
  • To carry wet face washer, toothbrush etc when travelling (The Brolly Sheets team all travel with a wet bag for this)
  • For toilet training when out and about. Carry a set of dry clothes and wipes and fill with the wet ones if there is an accident.
  • For toilet training when out and about. Carry a set of dry clothes and wipes and fill with the wet ones if there is an accident
  • A busy bag....fill with a snack and small toys/colouring pad and crayons so it can be grabbed out at a cafe or while waiting for appointments to keep the little ones occupied
  • Wet clothes from wee accidents out and about. Drink bottle bag, nothing worse than having one leak through everything!
  • For putting pre-wetted cloth wipes in if you're only expecting one change while you're out.
  • After a pre-school / playcentre session to put the kid's clothes in, they are usually wet and sandy
  • A book bag.
  • I like the loop to hang on a hook, that makes it great for changing rooms/bathrooms etc
  • Muddy /wet sports gear!
  • My kid's drink bottles! No matter whether the label says 'spill proof', mine always seem to leak through everything!
  • Frozen face cloths which my wee teether likes to chew on!
  • Frozen food because as it defrosts there is condensation on the outside and sometimes the contents can leak leaving messes 
  • Dirty shoes before they hop in the car
  • I use them to put spare clothes for both my boys. Being boys I never know when they get soiled so when they are it gets used again for their soiled clothes! And also being waterproof.. Especially great when their clothes are wet!
  • dirty/wet clothes
  • When you go shopping at a supermarket. For the leaking meat. (E.g chicken)
  • Carrying food in another bag for a party but just to be safe keep it in the bag for no-spill in the car.
  • And for you artists out there: Wet paint brushes (for people that paint for a living)


Care instructions:
Turn inside out and cold or warm wash to 40 degrees. 
Line dry or low tumble dry. 
Do not soak or bleach. 
Do not iron or dry clean.
Do not use fabric softener

Polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof fabric with a zipper and elastic loop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Marlene Green

Absolutely love the wet bags, perfect for wet kindy clothes so other clothes in bag don't get wet!!

Perfect for kindy.

Perfect wet bag to snap onto your little ones bag for kindy. Love them, great quality and designs!

Sarah Cliffe
Good size and lots of choice

Hood size for daycare and lots of style choices.

Not waterproof

It is great item but not ideal as it isn’t waterproof. So the smell and wet nappies to leak out.

Thank you for your feedback Sandy.
Our wet bags are made from waterproof fabric but the zip is not waterproof. We do recommend that items are rung out prior to placing them in the wet bag to avoid leakage around the zip and seams.
Damp items left in a closed bag may leave an odour. To remove the odour wash the wet bag between uses with normal washing detergent and air dry inside out in direct sunlight.

I keep buying more

I keep buying more of these as they are great and have so many uses! Fully waterproof and hold the smell in well (a little too well, i found one in my car with a dirty nappy in a few days too late - yuk!). I use them in my kids bags for school and kindy for their spare clothes - then if they get wet or have an accident they can put the dirty/wet stuff straight in the bag. I use it for nappies and we'll use them for swimming togs. They are bigger then i expected and wash well.

Love this product

Love this product. I currently carry my daughter's milk bottles to daycare. So much nicer than a plastic bag and holds any little spills well. It's great it can have many uses. ?