The Snazzi Collection

Waterproof and Washable products that are comfortable, convenient, and simply Snazzi.

The Snazzi range extends from reusable cloth nappies to waterproof toilet training undies (day and night trainers), as well as wet bags and breast pads!

About Snazzi

The name 'Snazzi' comes from Snazzi Pants, which used to be an iconic Kiwi brand name for cloth nappies. They were one of the first cloth nappy brands in NZ, established in 2003. We brought the brand into the Brolly Sheets family in 2014.

Snazzi is a brand that centers around sustainability, comfort, and convenience. We know that being a parent is stressful, and nobody really knows what they're doing...we're simply all just figuring it out along the way! We hope that our Snazzi products can ease a bit of that stress, bring comfort to you and your little one, all while doing a little bit to help the planet too (so you don't have to worry).

Snazzi will be your bestie as you navigate the start of motherhood and toilet training. Plus, your kids will looks super cute! 🐝


Made from organic materials and designed to be reused, our Snazzi pants aim to reduce waste, and are one of the best alternatives to disposable nappies and pull-ups for the toilet training process.

Saves You Money

Cloth is back and better than ever! Snazzi pants are reusable and made to last through multiple uses. By choosing Snazzi, you're making a smart investment that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

Top Quality

We use top quality cottons and fabrics that were created with the end consumer in mind. Products feel soft, easy to wash and quick to dry making them a family favourite!