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Bed Wetting Alarm - Dri Sleeper Excel

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  • Perfect for night-time potty training or regressive bed wetting
  • Flexible Plastic Sensor
  • Safe: Made of conductive plastic, rather than metal moisture sensors like other alarms
  • Loud alarm for even the deepest of sleepers

Simple, effective and affordable, the Excel is the original DRI Sleeper® alarm and has been used successfully for decades by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to cure bedwetting. The DRI Sleeper® excel is a wired bedwetting alarm with a world-leading patented Urosensor™.


The alarm comes with one Urosensor™ and batteries.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible, moulded plastic, patented Urosensor. Comfortable, easy to clean and dry for instant re-use. No fiddly clips or domes that can break or damage
  • Sensing strips on both sides of the Urosensor for maximum urine detection.
  • Urosensor™ goes right inside the underpants for the best position for quick detection of urine leakage.
  • Urosensor™ can be inserted inside pull-ups or diapers. The child can stay in diapers or pull-ups during training.
  • No metal contact, doesn’t corrode or deteriorate in urine.
  • Safety electronics, completely safe and no risk of skin irritation
  • Maximum alerting alarm - Alarm rings at around 98 decibels, frequency of the alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear which is most effective for alerting the brain.
  • Comes with 4 x 1.5V LR44 ‘button’ batteries. Will last up to a year and therefore shouldn’t need changing during the usual treatment period.
  • ISO13485:2003 rating for medical devices. Your guarantee of quality and the highest level of customer support.
  1. Put the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit on the shoulder of pyjamas or a T-shirt using the fastening provided. You can safety pin the velcro to the pyjamas if you want to change tops. 
  2. Put the Urosensor™ in the underwear (inside a minipad is best but see the instruction manual for a variety of other ways of locating the Urosensor™).
  3. Run the lead inside the pyjamas or T-shirt up to the shoulder.
  4. Plug the Urosensor™ lead into the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit.
FEATURES DRI Sleeper Eclipse

(wireless alarm)

DRI Sleeper Excel

(wired alarm)

The alarm is attached to the child's pyjamas Tick
Urosensor is attached to the alarm with a lead Tick

Urosensor is flexible and conductive on both sides


Alarm sits on bedside furniture


Urosensor has no wire - wireless



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wish it were louder

Alarm works well, however the sticky pad that attached the cord to the alarm comes off easy. Unfortunately my 5yr old son doesn't wake to the alarm. Wish it was more effective, or louder. But we will persevere!

Tricky to attach to clothing

I was disappointed with this alarm as there is no easy way to keep it attached to clothing which I did not realise from the website. This has resulted in it not staying attached through the night and therefore, not effective. The instructions suggest sewing Velcro on the pyjamas and wearing two sets of underwear. This is just not practical when a child has multiple sets of pyjamas and the two pairs of undies is not effective.

This product changed our lives

This product has changed our lives! We noticed a huge difference after the first week, cutting down to 2 wet nights. By the 2nd week we had all dry nights! I didn't think we would ever be free of night time bed changes! Worth every cent.

Recommended to friends

I used one of these 5 years ago and im still recommending it to friends. Fantastic result. Fully dry within 2 weeks. The instructions strongly recommended that an adult sleep in the same room to ensure the child was woken by the alarm and this was certainly necessary for the first few nights but not after that. Slightly tricky to attach the alarm to pj's but nothing we couldn't resolve with a little ingenuity.

I wish I had purchased sooner

I wish I had purchased this sooner! The alarm is easy to use and so sensitive that it wakes my daughter up before she wets. After just a few nights we have made significant progress, with more dry nights than wet. Compared to the cost of a few weeks' worth of night nappies this product is excellent value.

Failed to go off

This alarm doesn't work. It failed to go off in a week of use by my son, who wet the bed extensively every night.In one final test use before returning it, it went off after an hour when my son had NOT wet the bed!