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Back to School: Bed Wetting Solutions to Prepare for School Camp

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The kids are back in the classroom and that means another school camp approaching! Unfortunately, school camp can be a daunting thought for some children. It’s all fun and games until an accident pops up during the night, but bedwetting fears shouldn’t stop them from missing out! From bedding to wet bags we share our advice on packing and preparing for school camp, providing bedwetting solutions to encourage your children to go into camp with confidence.


Two girls camping and eating watermelon with big smiles on their faces 


Have a Chat with Your Little One!

Unfortunately, there’s no simple bedwetting solution for school camp. Instead, it’s all about preparing your child. Start with an open conversation; whether they’re embarrassed to pack any waterproof bedding or they’re just too scared to go at all, they need to understand that they’re not the only kid this happens to!

Bedwetting is normal and manageable, the goal is to make them feel more comfortable with it. This helps to ease worrying and get rid of the underlying “what if?” panic that may be running through their head. Let them know that accidents happen at camps all the time; there’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed. Teachers and camp leaders are there to help them if anything goes wrong. Help them understand that the more worried they are about bedwetting, the more likely it is to happen.

The best thing to do is to help them move their focus onto the activities and exciting elements of school camp, pushing the bedwetting worry a little further to the back of their mind.


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Talk with Their Teacher or Camp Leader

Just as you’ve done with your child, have a conversation with their teacher. Be open about the problem, your child’s fears, and provide them with any information or products they may need if an accident happens. It’s important to not just speak to their current teacher, but their favourite teacher—someone they’ll feel comfortable approaching—as this will make things much easier for them if an accident pops up during camp.

If parents volunteering as camp leaders but you can’t make the trip, maybe another parent you know is! See if any of their friend’s parents are attending the camp and have a conversation with them, if it’s a parent they’re already familiar with, this will be the adult they’ll likely go to if something goes wrong. If you’re not at the camp yourself, ask—their preferred—adult to show them where the bathroom is upon arrival to the campgrounds. Whether it’s a teacher or a friend’s parent, be completely transparent about the situation so they can manage any accidents smoothly, and your little camp-goer can participate in confidence.


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Practice Makes Perfect

Do a little practice run at home! Pretend you’re at school camp the weekend prior, do some fun activities, and then try to get through the night dry. If they make it through without having an accident, this can be enough to crush any last nerves they may have about attending. It’s all about making your kids feel comfortable in the environment, allowing them to have pure enjoyment, rather than spending the whole time worrying.


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Get Packed!

Packing is key to a successful camp trip. On top of the basics and essentials, you’ll just need to pack a few extra supplies. Preparing and packing the right products is crucial. A waterproof quilted or regular sleeping bag liner should be at the top of the list. These fantastic liners are easy to get in and out of, and keep any liquid from leaking into the sleeping bag and any ground moisture from reaching your little sleeper—an essential for your camp packing list.

Make sure you’ve got one or two wet bags packed, as these are incredibly helpful if an accident occurs. Wet bags provide a place to seal away any wet clothing until it can be taken care of appropriately. Packing some Night Training Pants can make all the difference, giving them an extra layer of confidence. These are designed for kids who have almost stopped wetting the bed, but may still sometimes have a small accident during the night.

Whatever products you’ve decided to pack, let the camp leaders know. Whoever will be looking after your child will want to know how the products work and what to do if they catch an accident, this will give all parties involved—yourself included—full confidence that things will be alright.


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Give Them a Big Kiss!

Conversations have been had, bags have been packed, and the practice run has gone smoothly—now it’s time to give them a big kiss and send them on their way! Camp leaders and teachers will always be in contact if anything goes wrong, so you’ve got nothing to worry about either!

Whether you need some school camp essentials or general bedwetting products or advice—we’ve got it all available at your fingertips. Browse the full Brolly Sheets range online today!

Toddler at school camp using his quilted waterproof sleeping bag liner to protect him discreetly.
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