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Duvet Protector - Washable, Breathable

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Size | Single
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Keep your Duvet Inner Fresh, Dry & Clean
  • Soft & Breathable
  • Saves washing the duvet inner after an accident

These luxury, waterproof duvet protectors have mesh corners for improved breath-ability and are zipped for a snug fit.   The mesh corners also allow for water to drain freely during washing.  The polyester construction with PU backing means they are also very soft and quiet, and they have a zipped closure system for extra protection.

King Single - please check your duvet inner size as some Duvet brands market their doubles as king single size so would need a double-sized protector. 

Please note - our covers are soft and the waterproofing can make them slide.  If you have a polyester (or slippery) duvet cover, you can just pin the corners of the inner and the protector together. 

  • Soft, breathable and waterproof
  • Slips over your duvet inner
  • Mesh corners add more breathability and allow water to drain easily during washing
  • Saves washing the duvet inner after an accident
  • Not absorbent – just waterproof
  • Place on the bed with mesh corners facing up

Washing a duvet inner is hard work, so if you have unplanned leaks, let our Waterproof Duvet Protectors help with your laundry by protecting your feather, cotton or wool inners.  Great help with bed wetting. 

In fact - these are so lovely to sleep under and look so great - you can forget your outer cover and just use ours. 

We recommend that if your duvet gets wet regularly, use your patterned casing cover as a flat cover on top of the duvet protector. This will mean one less thing to wash.

If you do decide to put both the duvet protector with the duvet inside into a patterned casing, you can just pin the corners of the inner and the waterproof protector together. It is then easier to get the duvet and duvet protector out of the outer patterned cover and will keep it from moving around.

Single 140 x 210cm
King Single 160 x 210cm
Double 180 x 210cm


Top:100% polyester microfibre

Backing: 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL)

Mesh Corners: Allows for drainage during washing and enhanced breathability

Closure: Zip

Care instructions
Please wash separately before use. Cold or warm machine wash, line dry or warm tumble dry.  Do not iron, dry clean, use bleach or fabric softeners. We suggest turning inside out during washing and putting your cover through an extra spin cycle.

Make sure the Duvet Cover is 100% dry before putting it on your bed. To make sure the waterproof layer inside the cover is 100% dry, turn the duvet protector inside out when hanging out to dry or placing in the tumble dryer. We recommend buying our 4 pack of Dryer Balls to place in the dryer. They are great at absorbing the thin layer of moisture on the waterproof side!

Please note:

Our duvet covers are 100% waterproof.  This means that if there is any existing moisture inside the duvet cover, it will be trapped inside. Please make sure that both your duvet inner and the duvet cover itself are 100% dry before using to prevent moisture or mildew build up on your duvet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Gemma Reardon
Doona protector

It’s ok! Waterproof as advertised! But the doona slips inside of it and it’s therefore really really hard to use! I’ve had to tie the corners of the doona to the doona protected with rubber bands before putting into the doona cover. I’ve then had to use rubber bands again to stop it all from slipping! So it works but it isn’t easy to use :-). It is better than washing a winter doona however :-)

Sally Burt
Super slippery

Love the duvet protector but when under duvet cover it keeps bunching up the duvet inside the duvet cover.. how do we stop this from happening?????

Sonya MacDonald
Not amazing.

Don’t love it. Used for 2 nights & haven’t put it back on. Noisey & the duvet moves inside it. Wouldn’t recommend, will just put up with washing & drying the duvet when needed.

Kim Owen

Dooner inside moves around too much due to fabric
We don’t use them

Great at protecting a duvet.

Great waterproof duvet cover not a drip when through. When drying on the line you have to flip it inside out of vice versa to make sure it’s dry. Only downside is the duvet inside moves around heaps and sinks to the bottom prodigy needs clips of taps to hold duvet in place with being so slippery

Kim Eklom
Doona protector

It’s light and easy to handle just a bit noisy when my son moves around at night